Server not found... after changing nameservers to cloudflare

I recently changed the dns nameservers of my website hosted through godaddy to the nameservers provided by Cloudflare. After I changed the nameservers to the Cloudflare one’s my website went down and I googled the reason which I found that godaddy takes from 24-48 hrs of DNS propagation time. But It has been more than 48 hours already and my website is still dead or down. Whenever I try to login to my website cpanel (which is operated through wordpress) or website itself I get error server not found.

The transition to Cloudflare shouldn’t cause any disruption, but it sounds like your DNS Records here are incorrect. What’s the domain?

Do you have a DNS record for the host you are trying to visit in your DNS control panel?

What will happen if I reset my DNS nameservers to the default of godaddy ?

By the way, the website already had nameservers from Cloudflare. If I put those nameservers back or change to the default of godaddy will my site be online again.

Domain :

You don’t have DNS Records for or www.

When you set up your domain here, it will scan DNS records for your old settings. For whatever reason, your DNS here isn’t fully set up and you will have to create them yourself.

At your host, check your DNS record list and copy the values for and www into the DNS page here.

if I changed the nameservers to previous one & deactivate my Cloudflare subscription then will my website revert back online

You won’t need to deactivate your Cloudflare subscription. Just changing the name servers back will restore access.

Try creating an A record for - info from

I changed the nameservers back but the website is still down. I am deciding to quit Cloudflare my website has been dead since a week and it feels very worse.

If you have changed the nameservers back, ‘quitting Cloudflare’ will not help matters.

Your nameservers are still pointing to Cloudflare. You could try what I suggested earlier:


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