Server location is not near to my location

I have hosted my website on hostinger in india location and i have seen Cloudflare nearest server in india is in New Delhi, IN which is near to my location, But when i am checking my server location on other website it showing me my server location is in neatherland. Can you please let me know how it can be resolve so my website location server shows near to me which is New Delhi, IN.

Your clients connect to the Cloudflare location closest to them, not the one closest to your server.

The website you used to check is probably located in the Netherlands, so they see Netherlands as the location for your website. If you try a few different test-websites, they probably all show different locations.

No actually the website is already hosted in india location as i have seen in hostinger account there is no changes have done for serevr but because of the cloudflare the nearest server location is showing from netherland for my website by default.

The site you are checking is not accurate.

Thanks for the responce and sharing you the domain name here

Website link digitalctr(dot)com

Please check if everything is correct its placed in india new delhi, Hosted on hostinger with the server location india but due to cloudflare its whosing the server is hosted in USA.

Nothing is placed in any location.

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Thank You for sharing this.

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