Server Latency: API requests from our website to our server is taking far too long

We have a blocking issue we need with ASAP.

API requests from our website, to our hosted endpoint at is taking FAR too long these last ~6 days. What is happening?

Bluehost advised us that it is SSL related but I am not convinced. It is either our DNS or SSL protocol that needs to be updated are my best guesses at the moment. Please help


  1. at the URL, Subscribe & Save 50% on Panties - Free Shipping over $100 – EBY, click on “Unlock 50% Off”
  2. Once clicked, you will be in a funnel to add a collection of products to your cart. Choose the following configuration:
    Step 1: 3 Panties
    Step 2: Choose Your Own
    Step 3: M (it doesnt matter, any size will do). Once clicked you will see the lag time it takes to complete this request; this is the issue at hand.

This request usually take a few seconds at most but now takes upwards of minutes. The POST request being made in the background is to a file on our server in question,

What would cause this lag time? Bluehost suggested it is related to our SSL cert protocol. Our DNS A records for this endpoint look like the attached file.

Please advise on what next steps we can do to resolve this latency issue

As your screenshot shows the DNS record for api is set to DNS only, requests are going direct to your server and not passing through Cloudlfare. You’ll need to look at what the script on the server is doing during that time. A GET request returns fast so it looks like something in the script itself is getting bogged down when you POST data.

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Interesting. Ok thank you. So from your perspective, there is no DNS and or SSL update needed in order to attack this latency issue?

We’ll take a look at simplifying the php files themselves - there are 2 api requests to our shopify store in there so I’ll reach out to them as well; maybe they have server issues on their end.

There’s no issue requesting the link you posted, but inside that script it may be making requests that are taking a long time, maybe to DNS, other scripts or a database. You’ll just have to work out where in that script it stalls (perhaps just add some code to log the time into a file at various points) and go from there.

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