Server is up, but i see 502 and 521 error on chrome and firefox

Hello my server is up and I can see it with Opera, but Firefox and Chrome (already cleaned cache) show error 521. I am puzzled.
Did anybody have the same problem, does anybody please know the solution?
Thaank you guys!

5xx errors happen when your server doesn’t respond properly to Cloudflare. Logs at your host should help narrow this down. Here’s more information:

Hey thanks for the blazing fast answer! Unfortunately I think that noone of them is the case, since I can see my website responding normally if i use Opera (with or without VPN). The site is up and answering on port 80. But Chrome and Firefox shows a 521 error by Cloudflare.
How can it be? cheers

Yeah, that is inconsistent behavior, but a 521 indicates a break in communication between your server and Cloudflare. Was it working before? What’s the domain?

i tried with another router and it looks that is working!.. it might be something related to my wifi at home? thaaaanks

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