Server is brought down showing significant traffic, but cloudflare is showing no traffic

I have an incredibly dedicated hacker, dedicated to bringing down our website.

I have been playing cat and mouse with cloudflare for months but today the website came down after the host became overloaded with request. The strange part is none of the traffic registered on cloudflare.

How could the traffic bypass cloudflare, and at this point, assuming they are attacking my server directly, what are my options to bring the site back online.

This is having a pretty profound psychological impact on me.

Does anyone have any suggestions for host that specialize in cybersecurity and DoS attack mitigation? Siteground honestly hasnt been very good.

I am desperate here

  1. Make sure your host’s firewall only allows traffic from the IP addresses in
  2. This is a video on what it takes to mitigate DDoS attacks.

I just discovered that the hacker had indeed targeted the server IP address. So it was not an issue with the domain pointing to cloudflare

Do you have any suggestions for hiding the server IP address, since they have somehow found the server IP address 2x now?

This is the attack they used "
They somehow they found out the real IP address of the server and are using the --resolve directive of the curl command to directly hit the server IP and bypass Cloudflare:"

If they found out your server IP address already, there’s nothing you can do to hide your server IP address (unless you change your server IP address which is very unlikely).


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