Server IP Still visible

when using to verify that my site is pointing to the Cloudflare servers, I get the Nameservers of Cloudflare but my DNS Lookup still shows my web server’s IP address. Did I set something up wrong? I’m unable to figure this out.

Sounds like you maybe didn’t set the records for your site to ‘proxied’ (the orange cloud next to them in the DNS dashboard).

Thanks for the tip. I actually had set them to be proxied because I’d already made that mistake before! lol. Looks like it was just that the results were cached either in the site I was using to check or maybe here at my house even though I’d flushed my browser cache. Anyway, Siteground helped me check it and I have everything setup right. He gave me a difference site to check my DNS with and it’s all pointing correctly to the Cloudflare site with nothing left out in the open. It’s all good.

Thank you for responding Saul!

Keep in mind there’s DNS history that many third parties keep around:

I can still get to your server IP with little effort. Ran into this issue with one of our more paranoid clients, had to issue a new IP and make sure we never turn off the orange cloud!

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