Server IP location

Hi community,

I would like to know if there is a (paid) option to set the server IP location to a different country (currently USA by default).
I have read a few articles on the Cloudfare blog and topics in this forum but couldn’t find any clear answer.
Please note it’s not a performance related issue but a SEO related question as server IP location is said to be an important criteria.
Thanks for your help

This is incorrect.

Also, Cloudflare uses Anycast to route visitors to the nearest datacenter (Good for site speed and SEO):

Hi sdayman,

Thanks for your answer.

This is not really what the SEO specialists I have talked about are saying about server IP location and Google algorithm tends to favor local business, hence my concern.

I know visitors are routed to the nearest datacenter with Anycast, which is great. I am just unsure about what impact the server IP location has on SEO overall. If you have any further evidence on this matter to share I would greatly appreciate it.


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