Server IP could not found

Helo guys, whenever I want to visit my client site using VPN then the website open normally but without VPN it shows me an error “This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.”

Can you guys tell me is it DNS issue with my PC or the client has been blocked my IP? kindly explain I have to deliver this project.

Note: Cloudflare suggest me post same like my Title and I read but not satisfy so I re-create a post with Same title, If there is any issue then Support team can delete this post as well after reply.

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That’s a DNS issue on your local network. It should clear up within 48 hours. If not, ask your ISP for help. Or switch DNS resolvers to something better, like or

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If it is an ISP issue then how other domain or sites works perfectly, But still it’s a valid answer,

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