Server IP connection to cloudflare

Am I able to rent a vps or dedicated server and connect the IP address to cloudflare for better routing performance without having a domain? I want to get a server and install WIREGUARD on it and have it linked or connected into cloudflare for better routing and latency. I could really use some information. I am not a tech I have been self learning Ubuntu/server/WIREGUARD. This VPN is set for gaming.

Hi @eazymoney661,

Argo Tunnel connections are HTTP/2 at the moment. If you want to setup wireguard tunnels with our network, the warp client is a better fit

I have a Ubuntu server I’m renting. I bought the app and tried warp. I get a better latency with my WIREGUARD VPN currently then I do with warp app VPN.I’d like to know if BYOIP is an option for my server running the WIREGUARD VPN. I heard that you can do something in cloudflare by entering your IP address and get options of cloudflare IPS or something that will get you better latency for gaming. What options do you have that I can get my server connection running on cloudflare? Do I need Enterprise , business or pro to achieve these things? What is the price for Enterprise?

I am not sure about the answers to those questions, because they are outside of Argo Tunnel. I recommend checking with the community for Warp at - Cloudflare Community.