Server IP address could not be found - Legendary undefeted issue

I checked similar topics, community tip - got nothing
Have every record in dns. Till yesterday morning worked everything no changes where made. It is just magically stopped working. I spoke with every chain of providers(name registrar, hosting provider) everybody said everything is working fine from their side. First I thought it is cloudflare and re-added ssl certificates but not they was issue. I feel like I will die from a stroke because of this issue. I can ping server and can connect.

What’s the domain name?

Usually issues like this end up being either DNSSEC (, or a domain status preventing resolution, either of which the community cannot check without the domain name. If you are the only one getting it, it could also be some local DNS Issue. I assume you’re saying your website cannot be loaded, and you get an error page like domain's server IP Address cannot be found?

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Nope, I am not the only one. I assume that was ddos on hosting. Founded some IP that scanned ports every 20sec. Smth definitely wrong but it still I hope issue was that. nslookup: *** UnKnown can’t find Non-existent domain.

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