Server hacking from a web page hosted on cloudflare

How can I detect the person who hacked my server from a cloudflare page?

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I am afraid that one is not so simple and easy to answer, but I will do my best as I can at this moment.

You can check your web analytics and under a security tab at Cloudflare dashboard for some activity like blocked or challenged users, or number of requests which were sent to your domain or a specific URL.

Moreover, using the analytics you could determine if the same or similar activity goes through the day or few days in a row.

Furthermore, “who hacked my server” - that can be either via SQL or some other like DDoS on your e-mail server, etc. This is not exactly specified by your topic title and your post.

Regarding DDoS, kindly see here for more information how Cloudflare protects and how to determine if you are under one, if so in case:

Also, how to respond to an DDoS attack (not necessarily hacking your website):

How to prevent one using Cloudflare at this article:

Some stuff at your host/origin, would be if the hacker hacked your database, you wouldn’t have it at oll (being dropped), or the data would be corrupted, or you would either have some SPAM links, or some redirections, leaked private and/or personal data, etc.

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I’m not clear how a “page” can hack your server. What led you to this conclusion?


Hm, maybe OP ment “something” from a domain which uses Cloudflare services (is behind Cloudflare nameservers or IP address) is doing some harm to his or someone else’s stuff?

In which case, an abuse report should work for OP?

Or the OP is wanting to find out if there is an Cloudflare App in Apps which does similar to the OP’s needs?

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