Server from Cloudflare

Hi Cloudflare,

I have two domains which are durianbikers[.]com and qbee[.]com[.]my.
I change nameserver for durianbikers[.]com to Cloudflare and it’s success. After that, I want to change HTTP to HTTPS for qbee[.]com[.]my because the website can’t access on Chrome (uses an unsupported protocol ) and i check nameserver for qbee[.]com[.]my are ns2[.]yoshimarketing[.]com and ns1[.]yoshimarketing[.]com. I contacted hosting provider about this problem and they said the server for website from Cloudflare.

Can you help me about this? Thank you.

Without ‘www’, it’s not using Cloudflare, but it sends a forwarder code (301) to www, which is on Cloudflare. It looks like your host is a Cloudflare partner, which is why your website is going through Cloudflare.

Is there any solution for this problem? I’m sorry, I’m not very familiar with this problem

You’d have to check with your host, as it looks like that’s where your Cloudflare configuration is.

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