Server fails 3 days after using cloudflare service


After 3 days of using the cloudflaure service, it fails. It begins to throw error 504, DNS error we have had contact with its support but they indicate to us that the failure is in our SSL certificate of the server.

nevertheless we need more information to know the causes of the error, since we have several servers where different clients use the Cloudflare service without problems.

they can help us?

Do they have any email or direct contact with support to make the case more formal?

Hi @isaaclovera5, to reach Cloudflare Support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

But, you’ve been in contact with Support and that contact has a ticket number and email communications associated with it. Just reply to one of those emails and ask for more information as to the cause of the errors.

When you opened that ticket, the Support team shared (or will share if you contact them again) tips to help troubleshoot the issue. A 5xx error is usually one that is passed to Cloudflare from your origin. This can be because they are blocking Cloudflare IPs, a busy server refused the connection, certificate issues, or a rouge piece of networking equipment. I don’t know where you’re hosting, but it seems like a lot of recent 5xx errors were with godaddy and it took them some time to realize and find the issue. This is a good resource for troubleshooting,

Please post back and let us know how it works out.

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