Server Failed Errors with DNS

I am getting server failed messages with DNS. My old provider is Network Solutions. They indicate DNSSEC is off. My domain transfer (registrar) to Cloudflare seems to have failed because Cloudflare thinks it is on. Support told me it was on via email when I inquired. When I look at DNS in Cloudflare the DNSSEC toggle is off and it needs to stay off until my transfer completes.

If I load the webpage from my office it works. I can load my site and send emails. If I try on my Verizon tablet (LTE) or my coworkers tmobile phone (5G) things seem to work. If I try and access my site from Xfinity it fails.

I did an nslookup and if I use my DNS it works fine. If I use google servers or xfinity servers it fails. Dots are removed in DNS names so there are no links in the post.

these give server failed:
nslookup www flagstaffacademy org
nslookup www flagstaffacademy org

How can I find the source of the error. I don’t see DNSSEC set up on Cloudflare and Network Solutions states it is off. If I perform a DS Lookup on mxtoolbox I see 3 DS records from “b2 org afilias nst org” and if I do a DNS Key look up from mxtoolbox I get two keys from “lilyana ns Cloudflare com”

IN any case it appear my DNS will not propagate because of the invalid DNSSEC that should not be on.

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