Server error when updating in Elementor editing

See this short video in the problems that I am having in updating my webpages:

Elementor support articles mentioned that I need to edit Cloudflare settings to specifically allow Elementor edits. How do I do that?


Would you happen to have Rocket Loader enabled? It’s in the Speed settings tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Yes I do have Rocket Loader enabled - I just found Elementor help on the issue.

I need to create rules in Cloudflare
For Elementor pages - my site url/“elementor”
For elementor templates - my site url/?elementor_library=*
I thought I found the right location, but I got a Cloudflare “failure” message.
Thanks for your help.

If you need more help, post a screenshot of the error.

Please see the following video - I followed the tech support rec of Elementor support

The Elementor documentation on this issue calls for*elementor*

while you’re trying to create"elementor"

Also, if your site has a subdomain, such as www, you may want to have a wildcard * at the beginning:



Thanks for your help - I paused Cloudfare on my website, and the problem still persists.
So it is either a problem with Elementor or my webhost,

I have a support ticket in at Siteground right now, so hopefully, they can fix it.



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