Server Error issue

Getting server error issue all day, it happened at around 3am this morning. Does anyone know what this issue i’m getting? See my website here:

Is this related to Cloudfare issue or host server issue?

What should i do next to resolve this issue?

It might be a couple of things:

  1. DNS looks a bit off. looks like it’s set to :orange:, but www is not. They should both be :orange:
  2. I see reference to and that’s showing a 404.

Where did you find that? i can only see all of them in :orange: .

Where’s the reference for the

It looks like they’re both :orange: now. But the site is giving a 500 error. Plus that 404 for the dev subdomain. A 500 error is a generic “something’s broken” error on a site. You’d have to look through server logs to see what’s broken.

How do i find the server logs?

You’ll have to check with your web host.

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