Server error: Argo Smart Routing

I ask for your help, I’m trying to run Cloudflare tunnel and I have this error.
Or tunnel argo paid?

Cloudflared.exe tunnel  --origin-ca-pool cert.pem  --config Cloudflared.yml --origincert origincert.pem --hostname mysite
INFO[0000] Build info: {GoOS:windows GoVersion:go1.11.5 GoArch:amd64}
INFO[0000] Version 2019.6.0
INFO[0000] Flags  config=Cloudflared.yml hello-world=true logfile=Cloudflared.log origin-ca-pool=cert.pem origincert=origincert.pem proxy-dns-upstream="," url="https://localhost:8080"
INFO[0000] Cloudflared will not automatically update on Windows systems.
INFO[0000] Starting metrics server                       addr=""
INFO[0000] Starting Hello World server at
INFO[0000] Proxying tunnel requests to
INFO[0001] Connected to FRA
ERRO[0001] Register tunnel error from server side        connectionID=0 error="Server error: Argo Smart Routing is NOT enabled"
ERRO[0002] Quitting due to error                         error="Server error: Argo Smart Routing is NOT enabled"
INFO[0002] Metrics server stopped

My task is to configure DNS DoH and DoT, I want my dns requests and host to be hidden encrypted …

My provider reptile such a bad chicken makes a fake
dns requests and still can think that collects data about us users.

Argo Tunnel requires enabling Argo on the domain, it is paid. It’s a basic 5$/month with 1GB (request+response size) included. Extra is 0.10$/GB.

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Are there alternatives? and then temporarily I have with finance complexity
Maybe an article or other software?

You have two alternatives, but it depends on the actual traffic, the performance you require and the production status of the project.

  1. TryCloudflare -> free Argo Tunnel, no custom domain and no static URL.

  1. ngrok -> free or paid, possible custom URL, limited speed, not using Cloudflare and not really know if you can proxy it via Cloudflare.

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