Server error 524

I have a vps with, my webpage has stopped working and when I access from my control panel, on server, it gives me the error 524, I opened a ticket a week ago so that they could give me a solution but They still do not answer and the problem lasts. Can anybody help me?

I searched for 524 tip and the second result may assist you,

Can you share your ticket number and I’ll follow up on it with the support team?

Ty, my number ticket id: # 2598

One question, cloudrino is equal to cloudfare?

No, that’s your virtual server. If the error is directly with that, that’s probably where your ticket is sitting as well; 2598 is not one of our tickets.

Sorry, but I don’t think we can assist a whole lot, just in case, can you share the name of the domain that is causing issues?

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