Server down only on the weekends. It has been for 4th month now

Having some weird issue with the site. Server down only on the weekends, it has been consistently happening for more than 3 months now. What could cause this? Suspected ddos but my unique visitors daily is the same on average 300 to 500. I do not think it is a cause of ddos, but there is nothing else could cause the site to be down on weekends, and works fine on weekdays.

Once we restarted the server, the site would go online again and then after some time it will be down again (on the weekends). We have since installed cloudflare and activated under attack mode, but it does not help too. It still goes down (on the weekend).

Please help. I will provide more info upon asking hereā€¦ Thanks in advance.

As the server was going down even before you started using Cloudflare, it sounds like you need some server admin support. is a better place to get such guidance.

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