Server Down and web down

Hi, everyone! Today I’ve got 521 error on domain We server was running.

Please what can I do to sorted it out.

My server is running without problems, however, they indicate that the problem comes from Cloudflare, should I modify any parameter? I ask because until yesterday the web worked without difficulties.


So if you pause Cloudflare on the site (overview tab, bottom right) then it works fine?

Yes, works fine.

Are you able to pause Cloudflare now so we can take a look?

As it says in the post I linked to, are the Cloudflare IPs whitelisted?

I just paused Cloudflare

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Ok, thank you.

This would suggest to me that you need to do the following steps from the linked article.

Make sure that you’re not blocking Cloudflare IPs in .htaccess, iptables , or your firewall.

Make sure your hosting provider isn’t rate limiting or blocking IP requests from the Cloudflare IPs and ask them to whitelist the IP addresses IP Ranges

I just updated the ips that you indicated to me, do you know how I can check if it is online?
Thank you

It’s working, but it’s not going through Cloudflare. You’ll have to unpause Cloudflare to see if your whitelist worked.

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