Server down alert

Can Cloudflare email a notification if my sites server has been down/unreachable for some predetermined amount of time like an 20 min or an hour? This would be a very useful option if it doesn’t exist.

Someone recently suggested something like that. What many of us use is Uptimerobot.

I can’t think of a good reason to wait 20-60 minutes before letting you know your server is unresponsive. Uptimerobot will let you know within minutes of it going down, then will let you know again when it’s back up.

The main obstacle is that Cloudflare does not regularly contact your site but only when someone accesses it (apart from exception like always-on). So that feature would not be a simple add-on but would mean they would need to a whole service monitoring layer.

I am not saying it cant or shouldnt be done, only that its not a one-hour task and that it would diverge somewhat from the core idea of the platform (well, being a registrar does so too :smile:).

Yep, Notify me when my site is down

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