Server down 4-5 hours in a day due to bot traffic

Website URL:

Due to influx traffic (May be bot attack) website down every day. I am sharing server usage of past 14 days. Please suggest the solution.

Thanks in advance.

I would try adding a cache-everything page-rule,
and then manually invalidating the cache whenever your content gets updated.

That way, most of the human traffic will be served out of Cloudflare’s edge cache, without causing load on your server.

Not able to understand your words. Kindly clarify

Okay, So you mean Cloudflare has no solution for this.

On the contrary.
Cloudflare can cache your content and serve it very fast to both bot and human visitors
vastly reducing the load on your server.

Then who will guide me to fix this issue?

Have a look at

How do we know that this is a bot attack, rather than legitimate traffic?

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