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Hi, i´m in a big trouble after migrating from CPanel to other hosting service with Ferozo panles. The fact is that i´m not expert in this matters…
I can´t find the right way to cofigure new name server.
Default server is:

And the correct setup should be: Servidor primario:
Servidor secundario:

Could anybody help me please?

so what do you need from Cloudflare?
if you move your DNS to “” then Cloudflare is out.

(any in case you’re using Cloudflare as registrar, then you’re out of luck, because then you are forced to use Cloudflare for DNS).

Ok, but i don´t know how to move DNS to Donweb. All i need is my Mails and Site working correctly. And Cloudflare seems to have an awful Suport…

It looks like your domain is not on Cloudflare registrar, so if you would like move to a different DNS provider, you can make this change at your registrar.

You will want to reach out to your email and hosting provider for troubleshooting here. They will provide you with the necessary DNS records that you will need to add to your Cloudflare dashboard. If they are requiring that you use their nameservers, you wont be able to use Cloudflare (Cloudflare requires the use of Cloudflare nameservers for a full set up), so you may want to reach out to them to see if they have an alternative method that does not require changing nameservers.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with support. I am not able to find a ticket opened by your current email or any ticket pertaining to your domain. If you have a ticket that hasn’t gotten a reply, please let me know the ticket number so I can take a look.

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It seems like this will solve the problem, but i don´t understand how to set it up…
Turn this:

Into this: Servidor primario:
Servidor secundario:

DonWeb suport tell me to contact Cloudflare suport because they can´t do anything.
I´m really very thankful for your help. I thought this was an “only users” channel so i couldm{t find a way to open a ticket or contact suport.

Cloudflare cannot help you with this. You need to change your nameservers at your registrar, that is, the company where you bought the domain.

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Is your issue resolved now?

If not, please mention to us your actual domain name, so we can take a look and point you in the right direction.

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