Hi, One of my domains gets ddosed quite often.
From what I’m aware the ddos is directed at the domain not server ip. While getting ddosed cloudflare shows “host down errors”(5xx). Is there anything I can do to protect my server from getting ddosed?
Also none of the records expose the server ip.

If so, may I ask have you activated “I am under an attack!” mode?

What have you got at Analytics for the traffic report?
Which URL(s) are they hitting?
Are the DNS records for non-www and www domain being proxied (:orange: cloud)?
Do you get their IP? - you can easily block it.

Yes, there is.

May I just add usefull articles here how to use Cloudflare Securty options like Firewall Rules, Bot Fight Mode, Rate-limiting etc.

I recommend taking a look here:

Useful articles to check:

Well, to protect the server using Cloudflare, I believe you would have to use Cloudflare Spectrum if so:

Otherway, I suggest to install and setup some firewall like UFW at your server.

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