Server connectivity issues according to Googlebot and Search Console

I’m subscribed to the ‘Pro plan’ of Cloudflare and, starting on Jan 16, my ‘Google Search Console’ is showing a substantial number of “failed crawl requests”. According to Google Search Console, 1-2% of the Googlebot crawls are failing.

According to Google, “server connectivity” describes whether Google encountered connectivity issues when crawling a site. Until Jan 16, I had not seen this number of connectivity issues with my project.

I contacted CloudFlare’s support, and they ask me for logs, error messages, or paths. However, Google does not provide this kind of information.

I was wondering if any of the CloudFlare’s users are suffering this kind of connectivity issues with Googlebot, or know if I can provide CloudFlare’s support any sort of logs/messages/path.

Thank you.


I have kinda the same problem, some of my sites are “failing” to load ok some times of the day. On google speed insights I see a lot of “fix the server response time” messages when I check my speed.

I checked my server I have no errors or other things. The weird thing is that I have like 10 sites on same server some load ok some have some problems from time to time ( this happens already for like 7 days at least ). Last day I have checked my competitors sites that are with cloudflare, they had the same problem with loading.

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Thank you very much, @veze_cs, for your answer.

It’s the same situation as mine: Google’s warnings about connectivity, no error logs on my origin server. Then, what can we do to encourage Cloudflare to fix this issue? Or could we change the settings within Cloudflare to fix it?

We haven’t had this issue. Out of interest, what country is your origin web server?

what country is your origin web server


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