Server cannot find address: NXDOMAIN error

Hello Everyone!

I have a domain on cloudflare. I made a CNAME record within this domain and pointed the record to an internet-facing load balancer situated in AWS. I’ve waited for the DNS to propagate and when I check the records via nslookup, I get the NXDOMAIN error as mentioned in the title of this post.

However, when I test an already existing CNAME record pointing to another loadbalancer, nslookup works.

Failing record:

  • Checked the DNS propagation on - www[dot]whatsmydns[dot]net/#CNAME/

Working record:

Can anyone please point me in the right direction in order for me to fix this problem?

The record is not failing. It shows correctly as a CNAME to

dig +short however, is failing. You should check if this is the correct name supplied to you by amazon, because it is not resolving.


Thank you for pointing that out. Your answer lead me to the root problem. The loadbalancer DNS was different. The DNS entry on cloudflare and the load balancer DNS was almost identical. The trailing part of the DNS was different.


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