Server cache during DDOS/DOS attack

Currently, I plan to use the free plan CDN.

The site I operat is regularly being layer 7 DDOS/DOS attacked.

The attack time is 1-5 hours, so by viewing the cloudflare server cache
I would like to know how much I can avoid downing the site.
*Under Attack Mode will not be used if possible.

The questions are as follows.

I think the free plan CDN has a cache retention period of 2 hours.
In an attack within 2 hours, even if the origin host is down,
Can cloudflare’s server cache be viewed and the site down be avoided?

2 Is there a way to extend the cache retention period by using the free plan CDN?
For example, during a DOS attack, by operating the dashboard and updating the site,
Is it technically possible to extend the cache retention period with each update?


There is “Always On”, but that’s not all that reliable, so I wouldn’t count on it.

A few questions.

  • Why would the server be down?
  • How many IP addresses are involved?
  • Why is Under Attack not an option?

As for caching, you can extend the time for the edge using a page rule.

That is what Cloudflare could address. Did you increase your security level?

Any patterns? User agent?

Up to a month, though that is not guaranteed and resources could still be purged earlier.

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