Server by origin vs monitoring tool

When I read the cache analytics documentation we can read

Served by Cloudflare indicates content served by Cloudflare that didn’t require contacting your origin web server. Served by Origin indicates traffic served from the origin web server.

During trafic spike I can’t correlate “Served by origin” with what I have on my monitoring tools, regarding throuput (btw it was NR1).

Here is an exemple :

Maybe it’s a bad interpretation of what is “Served by origin”. Help is welcome to understand well this indicator.

Thanks in advance

Are you able to zoom into the spiked event?

Share the results with us after you zoomed in, including the “Cache Status” graph.

Also, it would be great if you can also share the total data transfer graph from the Analytics tab, with the “Origin Status Code >= 100” as filter.

Hi Eric,

As asked, you can find the capture below. Thx for your help :wink:

There’s a small amount of traffic spike to origin at 06:27, can you confirm whether this correlates with the throughput graph?

More or less …

Btw, what i cannot explain is why, while my application is under cloudflare proxy, I see such a peak of activity under New relic (server side), but this activity does not appear under cache analytics :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smiling_face_with_tear: