Server behind nginx proxy manager with cloudflare DNS

Hi, i’m setting up server at home to be accessible through Cloudflare network. The server is on a reverse proxy nginx behind NAT. I have port forwarded 80 and 443 ports in my router. Following is what i did:
Bought domain at porkbun.
Changed nameservers to Cloudflare and got the domain onto Cloudflare.I was automatically assigned ‘A’ record with IP address.
Keeping the domain in DNS mode (not proxy) i added host on nginx proxy manager getting certificate with letsencrypt through Cloudflare.
After i add proxy host on nginx i enable full SSL/TLS encryption.
I believe this much is enough for me to access the server on internet. However, i see that it keeps routing to the porkbun parked website.
Can you help me with this please.

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