Server and website to the same domain

Hello there,

Simple questions here, i have a domain lets say, i have a website running on this doman, and the server that this and a lot other website are hosted

So 2 questions:

  1. I need the website to have all the advantages of Cloudflare so i need to join the website itself on Cloudflare, and i do that by changing the ns records from my registar. But… is it a best practice to have my server under Cloudflare as well? the Is it any harm of it? or is it even better to do that?

  2. if it is not good idea (please explain why it is not), how i can make it to have ONLY the website, but not the server?

Thanks in advance

Hi @user22963 ,

Well , do the server have permission to mange to your websites if YES .
Then create a authentication with username and password and validate when you login so that others cant access .

You can make :orange: to off . to make it run without Cloudflare but that is not recommended . Because hackers can be able to Attack your site


i dont actually understand what you mean with the create authentication with username and password.

The it is running a Plesk VPS server that inside of it i have 6 websites with their domains of cource, one of those 6 websites is the So what you actually mean to create authentication? I have to insert username and password to login to the server, not anyone can login.


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Yes , incase anyone type it will load and then … So Add Cloudflare to your website and i recommend you to add a Authentication Form

As i said, i use plesk administraton panel, Plesk is password protected! Are you familiar with plesk? My server is running plesk, if you type what you said of course there is a login form.

No I’m Not

Then you can add it to Cloudflare . No Problem

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