Serve video files from S3 on the free plan

Hi. I want to serve videos from a S3 bucket through Cloudflare to save data transfer out from AWS, and for caching. Most of these videos are short and small e.g. 2-10 MB.

Do I need to purchase the streaming service that Cloudflare offers, or is it OK to use the Cloudflare free plan to serve videos files? Are there any specific limits that I need to be aware of?


Free plan is fine if the video files are part of a website hosted by Cloudflare. The streaming service doesn’t use use S3. For a more specific and official answer, you’ll have to contact Support:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

2.8 Limitation on Non-HTML Caching

The Service is offered primarily as a platform to cache and serve web pages and websites. Unless explicitly included as a part of a Paid Service purchased by you, you agree to use the Service solely for the purpose of serving web pages as viewed through a web browser or other application and the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) protocol or other equivalent technology. Use of the Service for the storage or caching of video (unless purchased separately as a Paid Service) or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other non-HTML content, is prohibited.

They’re part of the website that allows people to create slideshows. Users can upload media to the slideshow, and I was wondering if those media files could be delivered through Cloudflare. Would that qualify as “part of website”? :thinking:

If that video is presented on your website, I’d say yes. But check with Support to be sure.

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