Serve Stale Content

I am unable to understand , whether to enable or disable , If I disable then serving stale content will be disabled or enabled ?

Button is placed in such a way I am unable to understand when the Cloudflare will serve stale content ?

Can anyone help me in this case ?

@smarsh has probably heard this before, so know that you’re not alone. I’m pretty sure Cloudflare serves stale while revalidate, and this option stops that.

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You mean if I enable the button then it stops serving stale content right ?

That’s what it seems like. If the item ages out of cache, Cloudflare won’t respond with expired content - it’ll wait until it gets the new file from the origin. STALE is actually pretty rare:

I also came across that problem now as well - I would really like to find a way to server stale content (stale while revalidating). We have a page with single origin Germany, that we cache for example in the US and Australia and we always get page load times of 1-2 seconds the moment, that Cloudflare tells us “stale”… but we actually want the revalidation to work in the background. How to realise that with Cloudflare? Why isn’t there a button to enable and disable serving stale content - this is, how I would understand it.