Serve resources from a consistent URL

I’m new here. And I admit a bit overwhelmed with understanding things. It’s all about foreign.

Anyway, after setting up the Cloudflare, I noticed that on GTMetrix we had a new problem. It says:

Serve resources from a consistent URL

The following resources have identical contents, but are served from different URLs. Serve these resources from a consistent URL to save 1 request(s) and 39.0KiB.


(The full links are images .jpg)

And this repeats a bunch more times. It looks to be serving two URLs for images. I’m not sure why or if there’s some setting I need to put into place on Cloudflare to fix this. If anyone knows or understands this, I could appreciate the help. Thanks.

You can set Cloudflare to “Always Use HTTPS” in the SSL/TLS app.

You should also go through your website content to make sure everything is configured to use https:// in the URIs instead of http://

Without seeing the report, it’s possible that you’re getting duplicates because the first request to http:// is getting redirected to a second request using https:// Regardless, the above steps should help clean things up.


Thanks for the response! I just turned on “always use https.” And it looks like it worked! :grinning:

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Recently i test my website article at the and i get lowest score for Serve resources from a consistent URL can anyone tell me how can i improve this score…

Look at the details of the report and address the issues still listed if needed. Those are 3rd party resources though and not being served through Clousdflare.