Serve analytics.js from CloudFlare

Hi there,

I have downloaded CAOS plugin for my WP website.

CAOS (Complete Analytics Optimization Suite) for Google Analytics allows you to host analytics./gtag.js/ga.js locally and keep it updated using WordPress’ built-in Cron-schedule.

In the settings of the plugin it asks for the URL to serve analytics.js from my CDN.

How can I find the URL?
And how many days is the recommended cookie expiry period?

I’m Not trying to be rude but this is Cloudflare community and if you wanted to ask this ask in wordpress community
as they are more experienced than Cloudflare staff about wordpress problems

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It could also apply for a non WP website. As I wonder about the URL on Cloudflare where js could be saved…

Cloudflare doesnt care where your file is served for, its the plugin responsibility.


most probably it would be saved somewhere in