Serious ssl problem in iran country

hi , we have Serious ssl problem in iran and our websaites are down in some ISP . please give us an option to set lets encrypt ssl in our panel cuz we can`t do the payment sections !
many websaites from our country use Cloudflare and all of us have same problem !
please please any body have advise ???

Did you search for that at all? That is a common issue, which you need to take to your government instead.

the solution is Cloudflare give us to choice between lets encrypt ssl or global one !
we have very serious problem in our country and the lets encrypt ssl could solve our problem , any CDN Companys have lets encrypt ssl in their panel , Please keep track of this important item .70 milion people is not a few !!! and plz dont say to do the payment section ! we cant cuz of Monetary sanctions !!! If you care about the your customer , please let us to use lets encrypt ssl for free , like other CDN companys !

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