Serious problem with my site

hi, the past 24 hours things have gone seriously wrong. i have gone from A and A on gmtrex to E and F. for the problems seemed to have happened when i turned off rocket loaded for a couple of hours and when i turned it back on things went wrong.

support have told me that for some reason Cloudflare are only caching 12% of my site

they have also said:

I have run an automated test to your website ( and I can see that there is a slow response here. Measuring TTFB with a pull CDN like ours when dealing with non-cached content hides the following operations which are effectively rolled up in the TTFB time for each HTTP request:

Cloudflare successfully negotiating a connection with your origin
Cloudflare sending a request on the connection
The origin generating a response
Cloudflare receiving the response

The most likely cause of the delay with dynamic HTML content is point 3 there.

They have also said: need to look at your server’s ability to return HTML faster to make further improvement and/or implement HTML caching on Cloudflare.

I have reached out to my hosting company and they said everything is fine at their end.

the only thing that i have done different in the past 24 hours was to use a service called imagify.

i am not technical. can anyone please let me know what support is asking to do and how i can solve this issue. i dont understand how things can go so wrong within 24 hours

Cloudflare is not caching some files:

Try to force Cloudflare to cache for 1 day with this page rule:

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thank you. i have attached a screen shot of my page rules. any more advice would be great. not sure how things have gone wrong within a short space of time

this is my current gmtrex score. 48 hours ago it was A and A
Latest Performance Report for: | GTmetrix

Did you enable Rocket Loader again? I don’t see Rocket Loader JS file is loaded in your webpage.

Page rules 2 and 3 will probably not match anything, as you are doing a redirect from the naked domain to www, and those two page rules are only matching the naked domain.

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please explain. i have woken up this morning and my loading speed is now nearly 13 seconds. this does not make any sense. it is like there is someone playing around with my site.

see this is very worrying and i am confused, rocket loader is installed

hi, rocket loader is turned back on again, not sure how it turned off. however, it is like my site is not responding as it has made no difference. i am really confused what has happened.

Hi, i am a bit concerned about my page rules, i am not sure it is correct. my website is but as the image shows, on my page rule*

i am just wondering if it should be* i am using wordpress

these are my current page rules

As Michael already stated, those rules won’t do anything because your site’s hostname begins with ‘www’.

Even with ‘www’, those page rules are quite unnecessary, as everything in wp-content is static and will be cached by default. It looks like you’re using APO, so it won’t cache wp-admin, either. But if you want to keep that wp-admin page rule (but with www), the enhanced security and disabling of apps/performance can be helpful.

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I’m also a little worried about setting Cache Everything and also either of Edge Cache TTL and Browser Cache TTL (unless APO does this itself?). WordPress sets appropriate headers on content that should not be cached, and by overriding that, you may end up caching pages which should not be cached.

Bypassing wp-admin is a start, but it actually shouldn’t be necessary in most cases because WordPress set the right headers (but again, you’re overriding by setting the Browser Cache and Edge Cache at Cloudflare).

sorry please can you explain more, very new to this.

what should be the ideal settings for my site which is a wordpress site. i am trying to work out the best page rules

Don’t use Page Rules. You already have APO.

thank you. how can i check that cloudflare is cashing my whole site. the other day they told me for some reason it was only doing 12% I have ran my site through gmtrex and for some reason i am having a problem with part of the site being slowed down. so just wondering if i am doing something wrong with cloudflare

That 12% is just how often Cloudflare has a file in its cache when a visitor requests it.

There are over 200 independent cache locations, and files don’t get cached until someone requests it from your server. And if that file isn’t requested any time soon after that, it will be evicted from the cache, and the cycle begins again.

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thank you for explaining. i am learning a lot

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Hello, I am new to this community. I just bought the pro plan about 5 days ago. After a few days, I noticed some errors in my Google Marchant Centre. I am not able to upload or update my feeds again. My Google merchant account would be suspended very soon if I am not able to fix those errors.

Second, my site speed didn’t improve at all. The former speed was way better than this, even my WordPress and Cpanel doesn’t open well as it used to be. Some other plugins also are affected.

Third, my webmail stopped working, I deleted it from my email and tried to install it back there but it turned out not to connect to the server again. I got this error in my email deliverability;
" You can install the suggested “SPF” record locally. However, this server is not the authoritative nameserver. If you install this record, this change will not be effective. Contact the person responsible for the “” and “” nameservers and request that they update the “SPF” record with the following:"
I did add what was recommended but I don’t know why the error still persists. This is a bad experience with Cloudflare.

I am guessing this could be as a result of the settings I chose. Please I want someone to advise me on what to do. See my settings below. Thanks.