Serious problem has occured in China Mainland

an SSL error has shown in China Mainland, it affected neally all site are currently using Cloudflare include itself.

though i am a free plan user, i think cloudflare should consider give us some compensate like a pro plan for a least a week.

i can still visit cloudflare bacause i have a vpn.

please fix this at once.


all http status 409 to china ip

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seems you really don’t know whats going on XD

This issue is region-wide, not a simple error

I’m sorry you didn’t carefully read the Community Tip. It does say that if you need more help, Contact Support, and gave instructions on how to do so.

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i am sorry you didn’t notice whats going on here, these is nothing we can do but wait for cf to fix the issue. no guide, no instructions. your site was not affected by this issue so you think is nothing to worry about. but you are wrong, thousands of sites were down because of this issue,

check the official status page and you will know what happened.

I did check cloudflarestatus. At the time of my posting (14:53UTC), there were no issues.

Really, if you’re going to come here to fight, go someplace else.