Serious Nameserver issue


My store has gone offline from Cloudflare over the last couple of days and i cannot seem to find or check the issue since my site domain is not connected with this account, it was set up for me by a third party developer a couple of years ago who details I’ve lost so no way of reaching out to him to fix this so what do I do now to get my site back up?

Please post the domain name so we can help.

Domain name is:

You can move it to your current account. It looks like your domain is registered at Nominet.

Your current account should have name servers, so if you add this domain to your current account, you can add those name servers to Nominet for your domain and the domain will work.

The catch is that you’ll need to add DNS records for that site. If you have access to your webhost account, that will have the DNS records you will need to copy over.

OK Thanks but not sure i understand how to do all of that? seems complicated to me and im a technophobe.

You’ll need to find another developer or website expert to handle this.

OK will do thanks for your kind help really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


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