[SERIOUS] Domain not resolvable since renewal ! WTH

Hi, my domain (riouxsvn.com), is not resolvable using since renewal, but it works by using

A lot of my users email me saying my website is down! WTH cloudflare!!!

Is this still an issue? It’s resolving through for me as well as on dnschecker.org

Someone at cloudflare fixed it silently this morning :

Experiencing same problem. If my customers have DNS, then they cannot see my site. How do I report my site to Cloudflare for DNS Repair? Has this problem been acknowledged globally? Do I need a support ticket?

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I think it should be resolved by now. It has been fixed this morning by cloudflare.

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Not working here yet. Maybe some kind of propagation is required . “DNS Propagation Checker” is still reporting outages in US, Mexico, and Europe.