SERIOUS BUG CAME BACK: Cloudflare corrupting chars


A few months back you (Cloudflare) replied to my post saying your acknowledged a bug and you solved. Now the bug came back again. The post is at:

The exactly same problem: chars being corrupted and it looks like for the same reason.

I have hundreds of websites hosted with you and most of them are showing this bug again. Please take a look urgently into this.


Could you please share a URL with this issue?



The problem is the same I reported other time, multiple people confirmed the same problem and even your support acknowledged it and fixed it.

To see the problem, open the URL below:

You will see some chars will be corrupted. Now open the URL below:

You will see the chars are not corrupted. The only difference is that in the second I specified the meta charset at the head BUT untill the day I reported this problem, it was never necessary to use a meta charset. All the browsers would simply guess correctly the charset.

The bug I reported previously and that you already fixed, was related to the charset being specified in the header of the request (not in the head of the HTML file). Now the same bug is happening, but with the meta tag chart set in the head

Hi @contato your HTML is relying on a heuristic at browser level which does not guarantee to be working on every browser. I checked the zone you mentioned in the previous topic ( and it works correctly

I would recommend to either:

  • add content-type charset header or meta tag - you can also use a transform rule to add the desired charset in the content-type header
  • disable HTML modification features such as minify, server side excludes and email obfuscation

Chrome is currently using a heuristic algorithm to guess your encoding is windows-1252. There is no guarantee this is correct and it can change in any Chrome release.


@mabba your are 100% wrong. If I disable the cloudflare proxy, the bug does not happen.

Here is the link where the corruption happen when the traffic goes inside cloudflare:

Below is exactly the same file but with a direct hit on my server (there is a certificate error because of an expired certificate, just add an exception so you can open the link):


You can clearly see that Cloudflare is messing around with something that until a few days ago it was not messing. Cloudflare is simply breaking compatibility for milions of websites - it does not matter if users should not rely on browser heuristics, it matters that cloudflare is breaking things that are working.

I invite you to follow the recommendation as indicated. Please let us know how it goes

If he follows the recommendation and ‘let’s you know how it goes’ that still doesn’t explain why the behavior changed depending on whether or not the website is being proxied.

If it were purely a change in browser behavior the proxy status wouldn’t have an impact.

@contato the :logo: team is heads down building half baked features for developer week. Perhaps when they are done releasing new features that don’t work, they can go back and focus on existing ones which don’t work.


While I understand what you’re suggesting here will likely resolve it for this user, and would be a better long term solution, it still sounds like there was still some kind of breaking change or regression here. It doesn’t matter what the user can do to fix it - if something used to work with cf enabled and now doesn’t - that’s on Cloudflare.

If this is indeed a regression or breaking change, an incident should be raised and this better investigated and/or fixed/rolled-back to where it doesn’t impact customer sites.


@mabba @albert That’s crazy how the support team from Cloudflare dont give a damn about backwards compability. Clearly, 100% clearly, Cloudflare broke something.

Browsers have a very sophitistacted algorithm to correctly guess the encoding, and most of the times they guess it correctly. Despite the effort of browsers devs to create a very nice and reliable algorithm to detect encoding, CF simply decides to break it and doesnt give absolute any chance for the browser to correctly guess the encoding since you already broke it… and it’s nice of you to blame me, a nice touch.

CF is losing track of what they represented. That’s always what happens when a company gets big. Lets wait for the big competitors to get into this market. It’s well known that Microsoft and Alphabet are implementing free CDN solutions in the near future for “privacy concerns”… so that’s that.

Thank you for blaming me on this encoding issue you created and thank you for devaluating the effort browsers do to guess the correct encoding… it’s nice of you to simply break the chars and not give the browsers any chance to correctly render the enconding.

@cscharff @cherryjimbo I agree 100% with you. Thank you for contributing.


There was this incident which was just resolved

Can you see if it’s still happening for you?

I too thought they might be related but his first link appears to still be serving incorrect characters.


Both links I provided are proof that Cloudflare is the one to blame: both links serve exactly the same file, one uses cloudflare and the other does not. Anyone can easily reproduce it

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