Serial update change on distant DNS too long to reflect on

Hi every one.

I got quite a few servers in .pf TLD which are managed by
when I change some records in these domain, typically TXT record, the serial for the domain is updated but it take long time for and to reflect this change. however these change are immediately taken in or

my problem is that I use some web services that base their DNS resolution on so I have to wait, sometimes hours, for these change to reflect in, even with a TTL of 60, or usually 90 sec.

when I do a change on my record I can see it updated on but not in so from my point of view do reflect correctly the changes. can you verify ?

is there a policy about TTL to ensure quick update ? do I need to do more than one serial change at a time ? is it a know problem from cloudflare ? is it related to ?

hope to have some tips from your staff on this, regards and cheers from Tahiti.

Hi have to say that this is not systematic, this just happens sometimes, and sometimes the change are reflected rapidly (after TTL exausted)

I haven’t seen any cases where Cloudflare doesn’t honour the TTL, unless the authoritative servers are unavailable in which case a stale record may be returned.

If you monitor, do you see the TTL counting down? What happens when the TTL hits zero if you query again?

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I can see TTL count down.
when the TTL hit 0 it return to TTL and count down again with no update of the record.

I had to notice that I am updating only TXT record.

I’ll add some TXT monitoring to confirm, but I haven’t observed any issues specific to TXT records.

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