Separate Websites by Subdomains really not possible?


I like to know one thing, before decide to book a plan with Cloudflare.

I like to add Websites to Cloudflare like this www. and shop. Then I can monitor and configure each website separate from each other.

But this is not possible. I can not add a website but only a Toplevel Domain.

Now I ask myself how I can monitor and configure different website with different domains separate from each other.

Because I want another set of settings for www. then for shop. and I want to have all reports already separated, so that I can see what is going on for www. and what is going on for shop…

More serious when doing testing under test., where some rules shold be deactivated and only DDoS should be active.

How can I do that with Cloudflare? I do not get the reason why this seems so complicated.

This is what have in mind see Topic “separate-subdomain-as-a-additional-website 148712”

Even if I would have to book to plans. But why only toplevel domains are possible?

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P.S. Sorry, I needed to rewrite URL, because I was not allowed to post URLs.

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