Separate servers for emails and website


Forgive my ignorance. I have two Cpanel shared hosting accounts. I want to host emails and the website separately.

What are the steps of changing the records I should do in cpanel and cloudflare dns dashboard.

Please help me.

With two providers for the same domain?

Yes. The hosting is from the same provider. I want the emails on the other server and site on the other.

Domain is the same

And that host provides two accounts for the same domain?

Currently I am hosting both the site and emails on the FIRST hosting account. Purchased another SECOND hosting account. I want the emails to be hosted on the SECOND hosting account

All right. You need to clarify with your host which DNS entries are relevant for web and which for mail.

Then you configure your Cloudflare account with the respective entries and make sure that all mail related entries are not proxied (:grey:), where the web related one can (but do not have to) be proxied (:orange:). Though in a Cloudflare context you’ll usually want them to be proxied.

Last but not least, make sure your host has a proper SSL configuration.

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Is your IP address x.x.x.197? If so, I am afraid your server certificate expired and you have an insecure site because of that. You’d also have a legacy encryption mode on Cloudflare, which does not provide security either.

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