Separate Payment for Cloudflare Managed Domains

I have a few domains that I have through Cloudflare Registrar since they offer a great at-cost value compared to upsell companies like GoDaddy. Right now they are all paid on the same credit card, but I was wondering if I can have certain domains on a different card? For example, if I have:

  • (just DNS pointing to Cloudflare)
  • (hosted by Cloudflare on credit card #1234)
  • (hosted by Cloudflare on credit card #1234)

I want to be paid on different credit card. My use case is to have certain domains paid on my personal card, while my business domain would be on the corporate card. Furthermore, I manage several domains for my clients as a web developer. Ideally I’d like to move them away from their original domain registrar and to Cloudflare, but not have it being charged on my card and have the client pay directly instead.

After checking with support, it’s currently not possible to process different credit cards per domain. A workaround is to create separate Cloudflare accounts for my clients and then add yourself as an authorized user to manage their domains.