SEO problem when mode under attack is active

when the mode under attack is active the visits on my website decrease 70% and the positioning in google decreases greatly from positions 1 or 3 to positions 13 or 22 in Google results.
I cannot find a solution and I cannot deactivate the mode under attack because every 6 hours I am receiving attacks. Some days that I have not received attacks and I can deactivate the mode under attack everything returns to normal (visits and positioning on google)

Any solution? Thanks

Under Attack Mode should not be permanent. You can use a Firewall Rule to challenge whomever you want, but add an exception for Known (good) Bots.


Hi, Thnaks.
If I turn off the under attack mode, the server drops by high load. although it added firewall rules if there is an attack only the mode under attack works to keep the website online.

please, how can I add rules for bots good?

Something like the below image. Bots don’t get challenged, AND my country doesn’t get challenged. You can adjust the second rule as needed.

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thank you very much for your help.

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