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Hello Everyone,

I want to discuss the issues of SEO performance after using Cloudflare services.
The question is, does Cloudflare’s service affect SEO performance? So what actually happens when you enable Cloudflare?
Cloudflare represents your website IP as a proxy server or dynamic IP issues etc.
My website is performing very well.
So I need the correct and relevant answers for that.


The only way Cloudflare can possibly affect (improve) SEO performance is by:

  1. By speeding up delivery of your website to visitors.
  2. By adding SSL to your website.

The above are only minor SEO factors, and essentially, Cloudflare has very little affect on SEO. Your SEO is mostly related to website quality, content, rank, age and incoming links, regardless of Cloudflare.

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Thank You very much…

First time i enable cloudflare for this website and my SEO performance also increase. Thanks CloudFlare Team

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