SEO of static WordPress site

Can you tell me how to do SEO of static WordPress site.
Like adding Analytics code, adding the site to search console, XML etc.

This would likely be better suited in a more generic web forum, or Wordpress forum.

Yoast is a common plugin, and using Cloudflare APO (if not static) and configuring it well will result in faster load times, which is also great for SEO. But you’re likely to get better advice about generic SEO concepts, or SEO with Wordpress elsewhere.


Best place to start:

Yeah WordPress Forum may be helpful but I think, Cloudflare Pages case is different of them. For example, If I host a WordPress static site on Netlify, there is option to do Proper SEO on the particular site. That’s why I asked the question.

Can you provide me any Forums link? I don’t know any of them.

What option? I don’t recall seeing a WordPress-specific SEO option in anywhere in Netlify.