SEO Embed Meta Ttitle/Description Have Disappeared

Heya guys!
Recently, I’ve joined Cloudflare to protect my hobbyist blog site ( from an ICMP attack, but was a bit too late was it consumed all my bandwidth, but I upgraded it from my hosting site. Before this, I was running SEOPress, and everything embedded perfectly in a small preview box.

After the attack and everything was sorted out, the entire preview has disappeared. Understandable. I turned back on-and-off the SEO plugins. Still isn’t working. Reset the entire theme. Nada. Tried new SEO plugin alternatives. Zilch.

I really am confused on where to go about this entire situation, and I just want my site to have its embeds back, and hopefully get into Google Search. Do you all have any solutions and recommendations on how to do this?

Thank you!

That would mean the bot or human targeted your hosting/server IP?
The topic about this, if so, is I believe out of the scope of this forums due to Linux security and configuration needed, including firewall rules setup at the host/origin, etc.

Maybe you got the SEO malware at your Website which corrupted and changed stated (description, title, sitemap …) data at your database?
Are this plugins paid or nulled ones?

I am afraind Cloudflare cannot help you with SEO, furthermore page speed as “some factor”, probbably yes, but for SEO, you would either need Yoast SEO for WordPress and make sure to secure your WordPress website using some of the security plugins like Wordfence.

Have a look around at this:

From above link, you can achieve great things, moreover using Cloudflare even some more security points for sure.

If you turned on “I am Under an attack!” mode or else, maybe it blocks even the WordPress JSON which could be why you cannot see the generated previews inside the dashboard because the plugin uses it and Cloudflare due to protection measures block it somehow?

Kindly, check also with Google Search Console.

You have double prefiks at HTML:
prefix="og:" prefix="og:"

The title and meta tags are available and load up correctly as I checked.

Due to “I am under an attack” mode enabled, Google could “gather” new data from your URLs, update them, and possible way your links would appear in a search results without proper title and descriptions as Google would index these new updates ASAP?

You also have some HTMl errors like:

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Hi! Thanks for replying!
These are really good points, and I am doing my best to fix most of them.
I paid for these plugins, which does make me confused.

How do I completely disable “I’m under attack”? Should I remove the Firewall rule for the Captcha challenge completely? I am trying to reduce double prefixes, and hopefully, your advice helps.

Thank you very much, once again!

Go to your Cloudflare account, select your domain and go to Firewall → Settings → Under Security Level, select I'm Under Attack! to enable or disable it.

Or short way, use Quick actions:


Well, does it contain anything other to challenge? Maybe it blocks even some “good bots”?
In fact, depending on the rule, it could create not so good experience for your visitors.

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I see! I disabled that, thank you!
The metatags issue solved itself completely when I retransferred my nameservers from Cloudflare’s to my hosting website. Could this be a DNS issue?
Many thanks once again!

Not 100% sure, why, but, there should be some issue with Security settings or Firewall rules which could, somehow, block the external “something” like script or what else can it be?, from SEOPress is using? Or if you used some Page Rules?

Moreover, before you have switched it back, have you tried clearing your Web browser cache and/or trying accessing your WordPress dashboard using “Private Window Browsing”?

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Yep, I’ve used Firewall Rules as a part of my site’s defense. I also tried cleaning the cache, so I assumed this was something to do with hosting.

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