Sentry - Turnstile related errors around "Failed to execute 'querySelecetorAll"


We are using Turnstile in our Angular app for over a week now and we have noticed a spike in our Sentry. It’s moaning about SyntaxError: Failed to execute 'querySelectorAll' on 'Document': 'div:has(> iframe[id='19823018230...'])' is not a valid selector.

It usually goes in pair with console errors pointing to Turnstile error codes like this:

  • [Cloudflare Turnstile] Error: 600010.
  • [Cloudflare Turnstile] Error: 300010.
  • [Cloudflare Turnstile] Error: 110600.

Those errors, according to docs are potentially caused by Automated Visitors, or by real users failing to provide correct or full credentials.

I don’t see querySelectorAll used in our code much, certainly not in turnstile related files. Maybe it’s about only partial JS execution? Sounds like the JS DOM traverser query selector was not able to find the div. Maybe it’s coming from the Turnstile script itself?

I’m wondering if this is something we should take action on or ignore in Sentry. Anyone had any similar experience?

That is configuration error. Maybe check that the Turnstile site key & secret key are correctly configured in the sites’s backend and frontend.

But first,

  1. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  2. Disable any browser extensions that may be blocking scripts or cookies.
  3. Try using a different browser or device.

If the issue persists, you may want to ping the team on discord Cloudflare Developers

@cloonan I’m not sure what could be misconfigured. I’m using client side rendering and the siteKey is the same as in the settings. The widget is displaying and it’s working for most cases.

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Also, according to docs, 600*** error does not indicate misconfig.

The querySelectorAll warnings are unrelated to Turnstile. Check your own code and dependencies.

You should ignore all 600*** errors as they aren’t something you can fix (the user getting flagged as bot).