SentinelOne Device Posture Check

I have three device posture checks, one for WARP, SentinelOne check for Windows, and SentinelOne check for MacOS.

For the Mac application path I have “/Library/Sentinel/sentinel-agent.bundle/Contents/MacOS/sentineld”. Now if I path to that exact UNC on my Mac I can see the SentineId. Once I go into the Zero Trust Policy and add this as a required check it fails. If I remove it, I can access it again.

For the Window application path I have “c:\program_files\SentinelOne*\SentinelAgent.exe”. Once I add this as a required check it fails.

I’m unsure what is wrong here, if I add the windows check it fails for Mac and Windows and vice versa. I do have each device posture checked to look at that specific OS also.

Has anyone encountered this? What steps can I take to resolve this?

This seems mostly unrelated to WARP, unless you mean WARP is causing your endpoint security application to break?

I don’t believe this has anything to do with WARP, I was just wanting to give what I have in place for device posture checks. I’m connected using WARP and have zero issues until I add one of the S1 device posture checks in place.

I resolved this issue, you are unable to use a wildcard and the fact that MacOS has the full path hidden and you can’t actually path to it Cloudflare is unable to resolve. I went around this a different way.

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